Monday, October 8, 2012

Where Do I Start?

The first question I usually get when working with a client is, "Where do I start?" 

In order to not guide the client into my way of thinking I start looking around their home, even noticing the clothes they wear.  Why the clothes they wear?  Usually we all wear clothes in the colors we enjoy, so it makes sense to think we will also reflect those likes in our home decor.  Now I have you thinking don't I?

Next I look for an inspirational piece.  This is how I begin any room.

A great pillow, piece of fabric or furniture, theme, color or an accent piece.

Let me walk you through the process of my kitchen.

Inspirational piece of fabric.  It literally jumped from the fabric display.  First, it was bright...I wanted a bright kitchen.  Second, it was a new fabric, I had seen all the rest for years.  Third, I wanted a retro look in my kitchen and this fabric screamed retro...well it did to me.

I would want an accent piece to go with this fabric....stroll around with fabric in hand until another piece jumps from the racks.

This shouted out...USE ME!!!!  This would line the curtains as well as be my cording around the edges.  Why use cording?  Cording helps to stiffen up the curtains and makes home sewn curtains like more custom..well worth the extra work.

Now second step...paint for the walls.  Since I was going for eye-waking, cheerful, retro-Lucy color I went with the blue.

Curtains extended higher above the window opens up the window, extends your eyes up to lift the ceiling.

Largest part of my kitchen was done. 

Taking the black and white I ventured onto the back-splash.  With paint, stencil and artist tape I painted a faux back-splash.  Since this is a rent house I decorate with temporary in mind.

Now to add retro-items on the top of the cabinets.  Nostalgia was achieved through items from my father and mother-in-law.  Always clustering similar items together will bring greater attention to those items.

Once the ball is rolling you continue to add to the room. My involved making a lamp, gathering items to display about the cabinets, picking up retro-blue bread box and a red blender.

The room was completed and I have enjoyed it from day one.  It all began from one piece of fabric!

There is the answer to the question, "Where Do You Start?"


  1. Janette,
    I do love your style. I think you got the cheerful retro, and classy! look just right.
    I've been wondering how you did the backsplash for a while!

  2. Your style of decorating is beautiful, colorful and welcoming! I know everyone is going to enjoy this blog, Janette. I wish you well.

  3. I love your style and am looking forward to your posts... hoping they will inspire me to make some changes of my own. Congratulations on your new venture, wishing you the very best!

  4. I came here the first day that I read about the new venture and blog to go with it, but you hadn't started your features yet. I'm so glad to be a new follower of this one! Your kitchen remake was one of my favorite projects of yours. I just know this whole thing is going to be a whopping success!

    1. Thank you all so much...if not anything else happens I get to be creative and post it!! Thanks for your encouragement!

  5. that is adorable! so cheerful and lucy!
    when you said, "the fabric said, 'use me'"
    i giggled thinking what it would have
    said to me . . .
    "help!" was the first thing that came to


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