Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome - Come Right On In

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Welcome to my new blog, which I am creating to accompany my new adventure in business.  My new business is named Simply Your Decor.  My desire is to bring you along on my journey and share some tips along the way.

I am what the professionals would label, "self-trained".  I began filling my decorating portfolio in the early 80's, so yes, I am not new on the scene, nor am a "young thing."  My portfolio grew through the years including some interesting projects.  One job required curtains and pillows for a private family was rewarded with a private flight around our city.  Another decorating venture was the  transformation of a movie theater to become the new residence of a church.  During that renovation we home-educated in the car, allowing me to coin the phrase "multi-tasking mom" years before everyone asked if you could "multi-task".  Throughout those side-tracked adventures I was graced with entering many homes to decorate and bring the owner's vision of their home to pass.

So I begin this journey again with new excitement, which can be expressed through the internet and all the modern day resources it provides.  I would be delighted for you to  follow along as I reveal my own secrets of might not find them in a class book, but that is the fun of being creative.

I plan to also go back into the archives to share past stories of decorating....I am a story teller at heart and to not include them just wouldn't be me.  If that bores you, then you know what to do...look at the pictures and move on.

Please feel welcome to ask questions....add what you have other words, let's share the world of decorating while I put on my fancy shoes and head out the door to an appointment.  I have heard these years of my life can be the most rewarding!!!!


  1. Well I just had to come and visit you girl..and I'm so glad I did..yahooooooooooooooooo...I'm so blessed to join you on this journey..your right, I'm on the same journey as you..God IS good!

  2. Joining up and joining in with you, Janette! Your first post and I already love what you're doing!!

  3. Dear Janette, I am walking with you. We will survive!! Blessings my dear. Catherine xo

  4. Here you go girl! It's going to be a great ride!!!


    1. Well Lady I know you have a lot to might have to add your knowledge

  5. I can't wait to see and learn all that you are will to share. I think it will be awesome.

    1. Oh I am sure you have lots to add...I probably needs some of you to be guest writers! Thanks for joining!

  6. ok, put me on the clock . . . starting now!
    i have serious issues on which i would love
    your help.

    i will pay you whatever is the going rate
    per hour or by the project. i am having a
    designer up here help me, too, but i want
    your input as well.

    could you work from photos?

    1. Lady you are too funny and precious...what a great encouragement for me. Now enjoy your decorating adventure, and post pictures one day!

  7. i have a question about thanksgiving.
    how do i host 30 people, some in the
    living room, others in the kitchen, and
    the rest in the family room.

    i want us all to feel together, but unless
    i move out all the furniture, it's not

    wait, i COULD move out the furniture.


  8. Woowhoooo! Congrats and blessings to you on this awesome new blog n business adventure! You are so talented! I can't wait to see all your projects!

  9. This is great! I hope to visit often and glean from your ideas.
    Blessings sweet bloggy friend. :)


Thank you for taking time to join in on the decorating conversation. I will be back with you through email or visiting your blog.