Sunday, October 21, 2012

I See Blue!!!

Blue! Do you love blue? 

Well if you have an eye for blue you must be enjoying all the trends today.  No matter which color of blue you enjoy you can find a new twist.  The combinations are unstoppable.  Just one trip down the rolls of fabric and you can image a whole household of blue and each room could feature a different shade.  The classics, the retro and the modern taste can find a blue to add to their decor.

Blue seems to be matched with every color.
Blue and Red
 Blue and Lime Green
Blue and Yellow
Blue and Pink

It has become a neutral all in itself.   Here are just a few I came across.

Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores.  Watch for their 50% sales and you can find accessories to add to any design style....the fan, material and lamp were found at Hobby Lobby.
Do Any of these combinations of colors catch you eye?
Lamp and pillow found at Tuesday Morning.
Table - consignment shop.
Material discount house in the area.
How about blue and yellow?
Contemporary or is finding its way back into our homes.

Do you like blue? What combination seems fresh and new to you?


  1. Hmm, bet you already know... ;-) I'm partial to turquoise and red or pink or any bright happy color with it! LoVe your kitchen!

  2. I love the blues and tans I see so much of in the Pottery Barn catalogs. You're right, so many colors look good with blue. I've always loved blue and yellow together, so cheerful.
    Enjoy decorating!

  3. I love blue and white and blue and yellow. The former owner of this house was so crazy about blue that she had it in EVERY room. I spent years de-bluing the place. The only room I left was my older daughter's room. Now, I'm planning a blue and yellow den. Can you believe it?

  4. Look at you! I hope your new adventure is going well.

  5. Not a blue person, but I am enjoying the blues out there. The wall colors are catching my eye in particular...


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