Thursday, October 11, 2012

Think Outside the Box - Repurpose

One of the funniest challenges in decorating is "thinking outside the box."  I think just about anyone can grab a picture and copy what someone else has done, but to put your own "thinking cap" on gives you great satisfaction.

I am a reluctant garage sale person. I like to drive by the place without getting out to see if I can spy from my car. I have mentioned how my husband and I tag team on my other blog.  So one day we were tag teaming when he came to his waiting wife in the car and said, "there is a small side table, but it only has two of its three legs."  I didn't hesitate..."get it."  His reply, "what for?"

Thinking outside the box I had two projects for the price of one.  The two legged table was $3.00.  The top was round.  So on the side where the third leg should be I cut across the round table top...about 1/3 into the table surface.  This 1/4 moon shape table top became a shelf.

The rest of the table would be placed in the hall attached to the wall by L brackets (one of the many uses I have used L brackets for)  By removing part of the side table the table no longer protruded into the walk way, but gave a wonderful space for a picture display above it and accents on the table.

I wish I had original pictures of the table standing it in all its glory and how I mounted the shelf...I do not.

The second transformation was years later I renewed the table with paint and stencil.  It was first spray painted and distressed, then I glazed it with a stain and stenciled the top of the table.

Final living another life in our new place.  This one piece has had countless just thinking outside the box.
Before you discard something,  instead think of a way it could be re-purposed.  Think of unusual place to put letting it become a new focus piece in your room.


  1. Well, this little abandoned table is now gracing your beautiful home! I love it! You did such a great job with the distressing and I'm not sure I would've thought of giving it the new life you have, but I'm glad you did. I'll be on the look out for a three legged table this weekend when I go out thrifting.

  2. Great job, Janette! I never would have thought of this.

  3. Love this transformation! Great job thinking outside the box!

  4. What a great idea! I have trouble thinking outside the box. I love the stenciling on the table top!

  5. unbelievable. speechless. stupefied. :)


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