Monday, October 15, 2012

Hollywood Glamour

I plan to have a  regular feature post exploring what can be found in local discount stores.  My camera will replace actual buying, then I will build a room from what I found.  This will bring practice to the decorating adventure, as well as, show you the items can be found on a budget.  So here we go on my first shopping post...yes, I do need to find a catchy name for the regular post, all suggestions are welcome.

Hollywood Glamour Master Bedroom

My eye caught this headboard when I entered Tuesday Morning.  I will probably use this headboard
in a few examples, because it is very versatile.
Today I will use it as the backdrop for a Hollywood Glamour Bedroom

This headboard was regular price at $800.00, but with mark-downs, Tuesday Morning was selling it for 
$350.00  I felt that was a bargain   I do know how to make this headboard, however, unless you are a DIY'er who found reasonable material, it wouldn't be worth i,t nor save you any money.  This was a queen size headboard.

To accent this bed I found a wonderful large rug.  The rug is large enough to be grounded under part of the bed.  It measured 8' x 10" - again a Tuesday Morning items for under $400.00

I also found this rug on line....more pricey, but it gives a whole different look

Then I ventured over to Home is part of TJ if you don't have one, TJ Maxx carries a smaller selection in their stores.
This was the Hollywood Glamour Piece

A little too much pattern for you...remember this would be in Master Bedroom...plenty of room to handle both the carpet and this piece.  If too much, trade out the carpet.  The cream and the white would compliment each other.  The grey in the second rug would blend with the silver of this piece.  This next piece would bring white in again on top of the blue/cream rug or pop on the yellow/grey rug.

Notice the same detail as the headboard?  What a wonderful glamours chair.  White leather!

Home Goods Store...I think it was right at $200.00 

Now lamps....I could add and add to this department....each bringing in a new look

A little too contemporary?  I think a mercury base lamp would be great or cut glass.
This more traditional....both lamps at Home Goods...under a $100.00 each.

Bedding, curtains, pillows?  Oh the fun stuff that sets a room apart.  Color combinations are wonderful.
I headed to the fabric store.

Sorry it is only a swatch, I didn't take a picture of the whole piece, but it is wonderful.
This would be my jumping off piece.  Look at all the colors - grey, steel blue, yellow and greens.
I would probably use this as shams on the bed with a neutral bedspread.  I would build  forward with pillows highlighting the different colors.

What about the walls?  I hoped you would ask.
I would take the light grey and paint all the walls in a flat grey. I would then stencil tone on tone.  This is where you stencil the same color over the top but in gloss.  I would make a stencil from the furniture piece, repeating that design in the subtle way with the gloss paint.  I would only stencil the wall behind the bed, leaving the rest of the walls in solid flat.

There you have it and all these pieces could be found in your local stores.  Each at fractions of full retail cost.
I would continue to tweak this room as I shopped around more...for now this is a beginning.

Another option changing out the rug and lamp.

Remember if you have a catchy name for the regular post please suggest!!


  1. Those are great ideas! The accent pieces can just make the whole room, can't they?

    How about...

    Second Time Around...
    Once More with Style...
    The Old becomes New...
    Something from Nothing...
    Shoestring style...

    or..??? :)

  2. one more... stuck on the shoestring idea...

    Shoestring Savvy...

  3. Love what you've come up with. I can already see that room! Gorgeous! Love Sonja's ideas, especially Shoestring Savvy and Once More With Style. Home Goods is one of my favorite places to shop.

  4. wow, you are good! i think everything looks lovely.
    i sent your email a message to get your address to
    help me with my project!

    1. Okay...long distance help on its way....although I know you are also the greatest cheerleader like Sonja, I will throw some ideas your way, because everyone loves a cheerleader!!

  5. Wonderful pieces. Shoestring budget is always wonderful with buys like these.

  6. Well in today's economy shoestring is usually what it is...and it sure makes you more creative.

  7. Hi Janette,

    Your design ideas look wonderful! There are so many uses for that beautiful headboard and I love the first rug you found.

  8. Love this look! I've always loved tone on tone. So classy! hmmm how about "Picture This..." since you are using your camera ...or "Discount Design" "Less IS More" "Simply Savvy" (to follow your Simply Your Decor) Whatever!!! I love the idea and will be following you!

  9. You having way too much fun! I saw the same headboard last Thursday, apparently we like to shop the same places. (Simply Bringing it Together) Oh, and if you've got the energy head on over, I've got a few projects that need tackling. Having fuun in the Adventure sometimes is the only way to go!

    1. You know you need to move to Texas and be my partner!!! It was too much fun helping rearrange your den over email...I still giggle about that weekend!

  10. These pieces are wonderful together. Glam, indeed! Love it, Janette.


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