Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So Long Grey Skies!

I just get excited when I enter fabric store these days.  There is sooooooooooooooo much color, new designs and combinations of color.  After years and years of sewing custom orders and selling fabric, can I say, it is about time! The new combinations make me want to go home and throw everything away and start over.  Well that isn't happening anytime soon, but my imagination sure has fun with all the possibilities.

Have you seen the new grey combinations?

There is a grey for anyone's style.

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Put Grey with anything....yellow, pink, red, lime green and orange!  It has become the best color to launch your style.  Can you add some grey into your combination?


  1. Grey is a chameleon....good with so many things, but puffs it's throat out and hisses if you get it wrong :^( I remember many years ago I made a lt grey/dk grey paisley suit and wore it with a bright yellow blouse. My boss used to call me Mrs. Roosevelt when I showed up in that suit. I guess he liked it...and it makes me smile to remember it!!
    Blessings to you,

  2. i awoke thinking of you this morning
    and pray that the Lord blesses all
    that you put your hands to. i also
    pray that He fills your life and those
    you love with His extravagant riches
    (joy, peace, health, and even wealth.)

    'grey' is a character in the book i'm
    writing. may i draw from your post?
    i'll credit you in the back. :)

  3. I so love gray but I don't think we did for many years. I don't know maybe we just didn't notice it. I have a new gray guest room with yellow and aqua touches. I think yellow and gray are splendid together and one Sunday our pastor had a yellow tie with his gray suit and that was what helped me figure out our newly painted room! Hope you are having a good summer.

  4. grey is a lovely accomodating color, and i love the ideas
    you showed . . . especially the nursery (still praying our
    daughter gets to have one of those.)

    my problem with grey is that it is a cool color. would
    love to see a warm grey, but don't know if that's even
    a possibility.

  5. Beautiful blog and I love to see your ideas. Will be following you. :)

  6. I loved this post, because grey is my new favorite color. It is so
    soft and accomodating! We're moving from a gigantic traditional
    home to a MUCH smaller contemporary one. I have no idea what
    to do with everything but look forward to an "about face, forward

  7. I love the addition of gray in any room - the perfect neutral! Happy Thursday!


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