Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Custom Writing on the Wall

One of my commercial business clients wanted writing on the wall.  "NO, vinyl thank-you", he said, "hand painted".  So up on a ladder I went and left behind my signature.

You can do this in your home.  I recently had another client with a whole wall painted with quotes from top to bottom in her entry way.  It was truly an "Entry" into her home.

I used my projector to project the letters onto the wall to trace them to the height needed, 8 inches. Where I would be transferring the quotes wouldn't allow the projector to work.

After spacing out the 17 foot quote I transferred it onto the wall by putting china pencil on the back of each letter.  This allowed me to just write over the letter and the outline was transferred onto the wall.  Next came painting in the outline.  Now wall texture does present a challenge, but stay with it and you will enjoy the effort.

Other than a neck that almost broke off from being so high up and painting over my head, (note to self, work on arm muscles)  it truly was a simple project and very pleasing to the eye when finished. Their business motto is now visible for all to see....just look up!


  1. You need a steady hand...oh boy, this would scare me!
    You have just the right touch.
    Nicely done.

  2. Love this! Hmmm.....you've got me thinking....

  3. This is great, Janette! I'm so thrilled you are getting clients.

  4. That's amazing! I have wanted to write Scripture on my wall and I really like how you did this. I love the little table you painted, too, on the last post. It's gorgeous!

    Blessings - Julie

  5. Hey, Janette! Thanks so much for the tip of using the china pencil! Hadn't thought to do that. This project turned out great. You did a super job!

  6. you know I have NEVER hard of a china pencil.. I;ll have to check that out -- absolutely fabulous!!

  7. Impressive custom writing. You must be professional writer. I really liked your wall custom writing....


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